Gone To Hell

My soul lies down here,

Crying in the darkness,

Waiting for its turn to burn,

Wondering how it got down here,

It takes a trip into forgotten memories,

Broken hearts and tears,

Hatred and blood,

God vs. Satan,

Oh look, Satan won,

God doesn't try at all,

No one wants my soul,

Satan takes all he can,

So he can watch them burn,

My soul sleeps here forever,

No more shall it awaken,

All it wanted was love,

But all it got was pain.

Cries of sweat,

Cuts of tears,

Perspiration of blood,

I'm so fucked up in every way,

I'm psychotic and insane,

Those fucking whores love sex,

But slitting is more pleasurable to me,

The razor against my vien,

Watch me bleed my life away.

The cold steal against my throat,

It feels so good,

Compared to the pain I suffered,

I lay here slowly dieing,

Watching the darkness disappear,

No one tried to stop me,

But fuck them,

Death feels so much better.

Now I'm with the Lord of enferno,

This is where I stay,

Other lost souls with dark lives,

We can share happiness,

Hell is so much better then life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wanna die....Hell iz good....life...badd....go death!

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