The Story With The Happy Ending

I walk through the muddy path,

Mud all over my shoes,

Rain pounding against my back,

All alone,

No one to keep me warm,

No one to keep me safe,

Trying to find my way home,

When it's clear that there is no home to search for.

I keep on walking,

Through that muddy path,

Deep inside the woods,

Searching and screaming for a little help,

That I will never find,

I'm all alone,

And no one cares enough to even think about me.

The rain has stopped,

But I am still soaked,

My socks are drenched,

And my feet have pruned up,

I'm starving inside,

And I am hungry for love,

And I keep a sharp eye out for it,

But it's quite clear that no one out there wants to hold me,

No one wants to protect me,

No one cares enough to love me.

The fog begins to clear,

To my surprise,

I can actually see my nose,

And the ground below my feet,

The mud I am walking through,

That has reached up to half-way up my shin,

Soaking my skin in its filth,

But a rainbow is in plain site.

I see a man looking at me,

And he seems to be running,

But...not away from me,

He's coming closer,

A worried look on his face,

As if...he cares,

As if...he cares about me!

He runs up to me and caresses me in a loving grasp,

Asks me if I'm okay,

And where the Hell have I been,

But all I could say to him,

Was how lost and scared I was,

And how I'm glad that I am found,

And I have finally found my home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

n they lived happily ever after...

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