(Poem not yet titled or fully finished)

Could I have helped, or changed your mind?

Answers to the questions, I'll never find.

What could I do, what could I say,

To stop you from doing, what you did that day?

I never would've thought, never would've known,

That you'd take someones life, and then take your own.

In the flash of light, the blink of an eye,

you were gone, and never even said goodbye.

It's going to be a different world without you today,

but I know we'll see you when we bow our heads to pray.

You're looking down upon us, sayin not to be sad.

I'm trying for you, but it just hurts so bad.

What made you do it, no one will ever know.

But I guess God agreed it was your time to go.

As we sit and remember you today.

I'm sure nobody remembers you that way.

We remember all the good times we've had.

Before things started getting bad.

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