One True Soldier

You said I was a soldier, always walking tall

Pick myself back up, no matter how far the fall

That you could never do what I did

Apparently  all your own feelings were hid

Because No-one would've known or thought

All that battles you'd fought

And were still fighting

All of it, continously hiding

Locked away deep inside your mind

Because you didnt want them to find

or even know all that you've been through

Wouldnt let anybody help you

Instead, just loading yourself with narcotics

What you'd do next, nobody would've thought it

We did everything to make you quit

You fought back saying you could deal with it

Said you didnt need anybody's help,

cause you could deal with it yourself

What drove you to do it, I'll never know

Never understand why you had to go

Also taking along with you, another life

The thought of it hurts, and cuts like a knife

I wonder how bad it hurt when you fell

Fell so far, you felt like you were in hell

It's become obvious to me, since you took the fall

That all this time, you were obviously the true soldier

Standing, and walking tall

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