Last Breath

From birth straight to my death

I'm gunna live this life till my very last breath

Things going perfect till the age of seven

One of the greatest people in my life died and went to heaven

Getting over that then the next thing I know

Grandma's stoopin to an all time low

Constantly picking up the bottle, taking yet another sip

Was even told that one time she called me a "Lil' Rip"

A "rip" yes that means a "whore"

I know my stories probably giving you a bore

But for as long as I live

You'll take what I got to give

Soon after that Papaw he got re-married

So then his only family may as well be buried

All my life always being Papaw's girl

Now all about her family, it makes me want to hurl

Don't get me wrong, I aint gunna lie

For quite a few years, all I did was try

For the longest time Papaw was all mine

Now you've gone and crossed that thin line

For no one else, I shall show no love

Wanna make your ass soar high above

For so many years to come, I show no trust

No faking shit, not even lust

Don't let them in, keep closing them out

Is this what my future is going to b about

One sunny day, almost eighteen

Those soft calm eyes, making me feel so serene

Giving me the feeling it was going to be Okay

Will I seriously try to keep you away

Nope finally unlocking the cell, letting you in

Then one day, Oh no it happened again

Allowed someone through my hearts door

Then they too threw it on the floor

That's it, not happening again, I'm through

To myself and my feelings I must remain true

If I have to go through it again, I may end my life

Oh my god, Will I ever be someone's wife?

Or will I let my fear of pain take over me?

Hurts so bad, makes me fall to my knees,

and lay flat on my face, just lay there and cry

Laid there so long, just curled up and died

From birth straight to my death

I lived this life till my very last breath

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