Emotional Merry-Go-Round

Smiles and Happiness

Showing the people I care for such sappiness.

Don't understand all these feelings

So joyful I could hit the ceiling.

Together having so much fun

Feeling like we don't have to run,

through life itself. Just calm and serene,

feeling like I'm part of this team.

Like everyone seems to care

As of now life feels perfectly fair

Then all of a sudden,

some shit starts a buddin'

Then comes the anger and rage

Such a major turn of the page

So pissed off I feel like killin'

Hell no, Im done with the chillin'

You shouldn't have ran your mouth

Time to show you what I'm really about

Don't really know exactly whats wrong,

but emotions can change at the sound of a gong

Beginning to feel like Im falling behind

Now Im really starting to lose my mind

Cause now more shit begins to go down

Time for another emotion-go-round

To much going on triggers sadnes and depression

Isolation, love, not even drugs can help with the suppression

Friends tell me "It'll help to smoke a nice bowl."

HELL NO, I'd rather go crawl in a hole

Maybe I'll never even come out

Just lay there, beginning to scream and shout

Don't even understand whats going on here

What will happen next is my biggest fear

Suddenly beginning to see a new light

"Oh no, not another one" I think in fright

Someone begins to finally make me laugh

Length of this emotion strangely cut in half

Beginning again to feel some love

Makes me so happy, could fly up above

But I kno that eventually it'll happen again

Through all these emotions all I need is a friend

I know at times I can say harsh things to you

But please dont leave me, just help me get through

You'll never understand all this I bet

But one day hopefully, I shall leave this mindset

My head just keeps spinning

Never am I winning

Not a solvent to these problems are found

I just want off this Emotional Merry-Go-Round

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