I Wonder

We represent what we stand from from here across the land

We die and go to Shangrila walk on juggalos sands

Juggalos smokin' joints and tokin' bongs for hours

And what about the faygo showers

They go on and on, they never stop

As soon as one's done we pop another top

A place where it rains diamonds every night

And the days area always sunny and bright

The family will never again shed a tear

Cause there's no sadness or depression, not even fear

Cities of emerald and streets of gold

Are not all that our Shangrila has to hold

There's so much more that I'm wanting to tell

Things that I wont even know, until the sound of the bell

Unless it was the opposite path that you decided to chose

Then the Devil shall have his way with you

You have no reason to throw that huge ass fit

You made the choices that sent you to Hell's Pit

With lakes of fire, and streams of blood

Never again to see a faygo flood

Instead of diamonds it rains corpses for hours

Not a single beautiful thing, not the smallest patch of flowers

The oceans full of lava and beaches of coal

Is this really the place that you want your soul?

You begin to think that you hear a heavenly tune

Then realize its fading away as you fall to your doom

The demons take the last of the good things you've got

I kno this isnt the path that I would've sought

As you sit there and deal with all the torture that you've earned

You begin to think of the lesson that you have learned

But now you're there, you learned way too late

You turned the crank and Hell's Pit became your fate

But for now, we're here on earth awaiting the prise

Or will we end up with a torturous demise

We go to concerts, paint our faces black and white

Listen to many artists that talk of the great light

You hear it subliminally in all of their songs

Just listen closely, it shouldnt take you that long

We hear it from artists like ICP, Twiztid, and Blaze

Live life following the word, almost everything else is a haze

We al get together one weekend out of the year

You'll find hundreds of thousands of family from far and near

So if you claim that you're with us, and you live by the book

Think back upon your life, and take a good look

Now tell me when you're dead, gone, and buried six feet under

Where will your soul spend eternity, I wonder?

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