Peronality Disorders

As my mind crosses that depression border

Way to long a list of personality disorders

Whats my problem with you, I totally forgot

Was it love or friendship that I have sought

Wanting to get close to people so hard to do

Fear sets in, just like a ghost saying "BOO"

So afraid to lose the ones I love

Wish I could fly with no cares, just like a dove

Lost way too many people in the past

Please try to bear with me, I want this to last

Can't think straight, in my mind keep pushing you away

Just like your the enemy, me keeping you at bay

No matter how hard I try

Seems like all I can do is cry

Seeing your face

Wishing for that sweet embrace

Coming to me with all that caring

I get totally scared, cant be that daring

Like one really bad life long nightmare

Running away from it all, too much to bear

Get so close, yet still real far

My heart surrounded by thick steel bars

Or maybe a huge steel vault

How the hell do I find all these faults

In so many people that I care for

Just wanna run screaming out the door

Maybe hang myself, or cut my wrists

Hell no, not gunna, that would leave people clenching there fists

In anger or even sadness, maybe me they would miss

Although I dont understand why

Keep pushing them away, even they want to die

How can I keep from doing all this shit?

I'm falling into a deep dark helpless pit

All I know is I want back over that border

Away from all these fucking Personality Disorders

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