Something to Nothing

A lot of people say they ain't got nothing

but do they really know what nothing is? 

They say that life’s pointless

and that they rather die. Nonsense. 

I call them heartless.


You say you have nothing  

but a house - aint that something?

You say that people don't love you 

coz they won’t do something that you want to 

but wait....

the boys and girls down the road 

who get beaten up and get stuck at a crossroad 

still go out there and say "I LOVE THEM"

wow...ain't that something 


That homeless person that you see each morning, 

just lying there, sleeping,

in the cold, storm or snow,

filled with the hope that one day someone will help him out;

but he has nothing 

And you - 

you’re sitting in your warm couch with the warm air around you

watching him, laughing at him 

but he smiles back at you.

And yet you still have the audacity to say you have nothing?


Third World Countries; that’s nothing, 

but you still see them laughing and smiling and playing like they have everything.

And you - 

your here taking for granted everything that they die for and you’re the one who says you have nothing? 

That ain't right man 

you probably heard that a trillion times before but what I don’t get is what don't you have that they do?

Faith? Hope? Dreams?

You are that little kid that says you ain't got any toys when your whole room is full of unused ones; 

you see the neighbors’ kid playing with a broken tractor;

You laugh.

You plead to your parents saying "please, please get me new toys?"

they say no, 

you wing and say you have nothing.

You define something as being as rich as the people on TV 

but let me ask you one thing;

didn't they start with nothing but dreams?

You say you have nothing, 

you know you have something'

So why not give that something to the person who has nothing

so you can see that in fact you had everything.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I did this because im tired og hearing people say they dont have nothing and they rather die than live in thins world. There are more people out there who have virtually nothing but you dont see them complaining Yell

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