Under the Dancing Skies

Rising from the decay of earth

I stand solemnly with conviction

That the light will finally shine through

Watching out in the horizon

The sun paints the tints of tranquility

A mixture of purple and blue

With clouds glowing fervently

Brushing off the red and orange light

A perfect mixture of heaven

With light breaking through

You stand before me

Gazing at me with eyes of wonder

Wondering how things came to this

A marked road filled with undesired consequence

But its alright, choices have guided me

They've taught me patience

Strengthened my resolve

And all the crazy turns on this road

Have spun me so diligently

Only to show me at the end

The spirit of life in your eyes

Embrace the day, bask in the night

Run in the overcast sky

Pouring relief on burning skin

Scars that I wear as proof

Of my trials in the fire

But who knew that the one for me

Was the one I knew all along

In you I confide, a damaged heart

That hands only as pure as yours

Could fix and revitalize my body

Course the blood through my veins

To know that theres still a chance

And hope that I can overcome this fear

Of deadened loneliness

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