The Final Sunset

Around again you came

A note left to read

Words spoken through intoxication

Poisoning my own thoughts

With no revelation of whats to come

Walking the dark with you once again

This time I've given up

The words I spoke before

Ring true with my soul

No drive to further continue this

An ambition long faded

And on you I fall to my knees

Begging for the madness to stop

Maybe its better this way

Walking our separate paths

To save ourselves from each other

Perhaps what I saw

Was just an illusion of my hopes

A crushed dream, forever broken

Even the stars dont comfort me

Run along under the sun

To see whats beckoning us

Only in the end

Do we find nothing but the pain of then

Exhausted of hope for this

Exhume whats left of broken glass

Just to see how the pieces dont fit

My heart no longer fights

No longer strives to rebuild our foundation

I'm sorry to disappoint you

But this is just how it has to be

The dirt makes perfect bedding

Watching as the sun fades into the sky

Like our desires, they no longer fly

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