Journey Under the Moon

As I sit in regression

My mind goes back to passion

Of love that was strong and true

A story of unbridled bond

The story I speak of includes you

Surrounded by these images

Memories locked deep within my mind

Set free by the sight of your eyes

Emptiness slowly filling

The chaotic black hole

Deep within my soul

Through the roads of time

The path of love is the worst

So many cracked foundations

But only one temple remains

Enshrouded in darkness

This temple I choose to walk upon

Regains the balance gone so long

Watching every angle

Gazing every hieroglyph

Reading the scriptures of your memories

A painful sting runs through my heart

Paging through these ancient writings

A single scroll that reads

"I know we'll never ever part"

A dream perhaps

Or a vision of your heart

Whatever the situation

You called it from the start

Yet here we are again

Creating our own art

I dont know what it is

That brings me back to you

But over the mountains I flew

Across storm-stricken skies

To see your face again

Forever by your side

I wish to stand

The storm remains too strong

All thats left but to sit and wait

And do nothing but contemplate

Have I chosen the right path?

I no longer want to feel this wrath

But as long as it takes

I remain patiently silent

To embrace you once again

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