Old School

The earth beneath me

Dry as a bone

But still I walk these barren lands

All alone

So unfortunate, it feels like an eternity

Since I've tasted pure waters

The sky as grey as dust

Blocking out what vision I had

Sent here by exile

For sins I have not committed

I watch these snakes

Slither the borderline

An infinite strive to wake from this dream

Weary of reality, I've grown to this land

Besting these trials laid before me

It seems as if I've been fighting forever

For a gasp of air, a moment to rest

Some time for me to catch myself

In this endless lie

This mirage thats shown before

The images that poison my mind

I will no longer succumb to

You wont hold me here

I'll fucking break you

So take all your prayers

Throw them to the pits

They wont save you

From the anger within me

To think you had my world in your hands

So bright and burning

It's not for you to decide

Where I go, what I will do

Hold your breath and embrace the silence

A venemous touch that chills your spine

Eternal sleep, resting unpeacefully

Your tortured soul can no longer be trapped

Lift me from this illusion

Bank on the waves of destruction

A jester for a fool

Waking in the moment that is now

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