Distant Hands

Ever gracing the earth with your presence

A spirit that always shines so bright a beautiful

Like an angel with golden wings of holy light

A smile so breath taking, it illuminates even the darkest eyes

For years to come, you will be the one who keeps my sanity

A soul so passionate, so devoted, nothing evil can penetrate your wall

To protect and serve, and guard me with your hope

I confide in you, forever keeping your love close to my hearts

Never turning away a smile, or a cry for help

You’re there, when the blood of my soul, bleeds through my words

And you mend them, never letting me falter in my despair

Your humorous spirit always shines through your words

A laughter that echoes throughout the world

A shining crest that never dies out

A friend that sticks by my side

Is just what I need to help me see through the darkness

You’ll be the one rejuvenate me

When I have fallen to the darkness

A fire that never burns out

Is a desire that burns in your heart

You’ll be there when the tides of a harsh reality settle in my mind

I hope you’ll help me clean it up

Forever stand by me, never turn your back

For the friendship and love that we share from a distance

Burns hotter and closer than you could imagine

Any cry for help, I’ll be there to guide you

Just as you are here to guide me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written for my good friend Kelly

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