As the lines blurr between love and obedience,

she covers her mouth as to not wake the giant

For his earth-shaking groans that leak out are a reminder to what he is capable of.

Tip-toe into the mind of this wrech and you'll find a spring of reasoning.

It billows out from between her ears instead of from between her lips.

Quiet riots explode in her body making everything inside her ache like that broken heart of hers once did.

But she is not in pain anymore.

No, that phase has past without haste

The only thing she feels inside her heart now is that Monster.

He eats awat at that tattered heart.

With every bite an "i dont know" slips out and ruins just one more thing.

All she can do now is wince and ride out the storm.

Not because it hurts her,

But becuase she doesnt care.

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