I saw you,
My heart fluttered.
Then I saw her,
…On your arm,
It hardened.
Thoughts of my hand,
Coming across the middle of your face,
 I felt like slapping a b____ today.
But I refrained,
Because that wasn’t the time or place.
I’m a lover not a fighter,
A lady,
I’ll hold my peace.
You must have felt some type of way,
Cause you ducked and weaved like a QB,
Seperating us,
Me & her,
Or was it you & me?
Did my presence remind you of what was?
Did seeing me spark some reality?
Of the game you tried to play,
That you’re a low down dirty shame,
That your new girl coulda saw the connection,
And if she asked about it,
There’d be some deep thought out reflection.
Of the things you did,
The things we did.
Of the person you think you are,
The person you claimed to be,
Or who you really are,
A “dawg” in disguise.
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