Delete You

I took your number out of my phone today,
You were taking up too much space,
I didn’t hesitate or delay,
I just simply pressed “erase”.
You changed on me,
Became someone new,
Was this always the real you?
Maybe I should have just changed your name,
Gone from “the guy I liked” to “who?”
The silence of our phone calls became too much to bare,
We went from dusk until dawn…up all night talking,
To 30 minutes of ……..*crickets*…………….. “are you still there”?
I never had to question if i’d hear from you each day,
Your text would be waiting for me each morning,
Putting a smile on my face.
I wanted you to be the “first” and the “last”,
First person I’d talk to when I opened my eyes,
Last person at night when I closed them.
You became my bad habit,
Like a drug I was hooked, 
Addicted to your sweet words and foreplay,
I guess you thought you were in too deep,
So the feelings you once had began to seep..
You weaned me off of your goodness,
You made me look for my own “food”.
Now the only way you contact me,
Is if I reach out to you.
That wasn’t in the script ya know,
We didn’t rehearse that part,
Me falling for you wasn’t written either,
Or thinking I could give you my heart.
But its okay.. I didn’t trip,
Because thats what most boys do,
The games you played the cards you delt,
As long as we spoke I was cool.
I became so confused it was like I needed you.
However all of that “need” evaporated,
When you felt you weren’t obligated,
To talk to me as often as I wanted.
Speaking was only allowed when it was convenient for you,
Because you said you had more important things to do.
The person I once liked,
Became someone I couldn’t stand. 
Looking at your name in my phone hurt me,
Theres no if, and, or buts about that,
I had to stay strong for myself, 
Making sure the pieces of my heart were intact.
I know you probably wouldn’t care,
Because thats just what boys do.
But i’m tired of boys,
I’ve moved on to men,
So i’ll just have to delete you to make room.
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