It's just

When I met you you seemed cool,
I had to test you out tho cus mama ain’t raise no fool,
You caught each ball I threw,
Tossing some curve ones back,
No one had ever done that..
My mind was made up initally, I had to let you get to me.
It wasn’t a month until you were in my room,
On my bed.
Chillin just us two.
Out of no where you kissed me,
I kissed you back and that was all it took,
You ended up inside of me..pushing..going deep,
I was open like a book.
Afterward I was shocked,
Couldn’t even look at your face,
Because I knew this was something I didnt do,
Something I just couldn’t erase.
We continued to talk,
Text throughout each day,
But I needed to see you..
I needed to have you,
My way.
Soon it became like clockwork,
You come over,
We chat,
Then before the night is over,
We f**k.
Our chemistry was “bad”,
I hadn’t been with alot of guys..
So obviously you were the best I’d ever had.
Without warning I ‘tripped’ for you,
I wont say ‘fall’ because thats a lil too serious.
The feelings weren’t mutual,
At least I wasn’t sure,
But the f**king continued,
And I had to put what I felt on pause, for you.
Nothing was monogamous, 
We just didn’t f**k around,
With others…
In my mind what I had was yours,
What you had was mine,
Nobody else got in the way of this,
It was official with every kiss.
However as the months started ending,
I started realizing that what we do is only temporary,
We weren’t making love,
Not even sexing,
We were f**king.
Quick & dirty,
In a hurry.
So why did I still have this ‘thing’ for you?
We hardly talk now,
But the memories still creep.
Shaking my head vigourously,
I have to let them seep..
No questions asked I like you,
And I liked the things we did,
So it all comes down to this.
I can’t get mad if you do someone else,
Because you weren’t mine from the beginning,
All we ever shared was the occasional laugh,
And the love in both of us f**king.
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