That Night

You put it down,
Laughing leads to touching,
Touching leads to playing,
That leads to me on top,
And you bending me backwards.
Instand hand to hot spot action.
Thats all it takes,
I’m yours.
Our lips meet.
Aggressive kisses,
Hungry kisses.
I’m lifted onto my back,
Your turn to get on top.
On to hot spot #2,
My fav…
The clothes come off,
I moan,
You smile.
Our eyes meet,
But only for a second.
Moans turn in to screams,
From all the penetration.
I release,
You after.
Damn i’ve missed this sexual satisfaction.
We lay in silence,
Entangled in eachother.
Your arm around my waist,
My head on your chest.
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