Unwanted Guest

Don’t let your feelings get involved,
Because they’ll soon get in the way.
Interrupting your thoughts,
Corrupting your mind,
With only one goal at hand, to stay.
They will haunt you,
They will tease you,
They will hurt you,
They will please you.
They’ll do anything they have to do just to get a reaction,
Blindsiding you, being an unnecessary distraction.
One day I was myself,
The next I wasn’t me,
Feelings crept into my heart,
Trying to make this “house” their home,
With no rent intended, but for free.
I let you stay but now you have to go,
Because what you made me feel for him his feelings never showed,
Eviction notice,
Love don’t live here anymore.
Hit the road and don’t look back,
My heart is under construction,
From the pain you caused and the hurt I felt,
Ultimate destruction.
You’re a very persistent thing,
So I know you’ll be back soon,
That day you make your appearance,
I’ve got a surprise for you.
I’ll let you come on in,
Get comfy,
But on one condition first,
Go stay with him,
Then come back to me,
I want us both to be cursed.
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