For you

Time may pass,
But my feelings stay the same.
Each day I think of you.
Where you are,
What you’re doing,
What you’re thinking,
Are you thinking of me too?
No one on this earth could miss you,
The way I do.
You left without a word,
No signs that you’d return,
No goodbye..nothing, just memories.
Memories that I’d have to rely on since I couldnt have you.
If only you knew how much pain you put me through,
I guess when you truly love someone,
You sign up for it all,
The hurt,
The joy,
The good,
And the bad.
I’m not gonna be selfish though,
I realize now that everyone has a time to go,
A time to depart and join something higher then ourselves.
It just gets hard at times when reality settles in,
I’m not gonna say it’ll get easier to accept,
Because God knows I dont just yet.
I’ll try to work on that,
Cus I know that’s what you’d want.
No tears, just remembrance.
But for now i’ll let them borrow you,
We’ll be reunited someday not too soon.
I’ll always be daddy’s lil girl,
And forever you’ll be my hero.
R.I.P. Daddy 
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