"The end is near"

"The End is Near"

Nobody saw the news anymore. They had become sadder as the days went on, but no one really cared. Too many people lived a perfect life to worry about other people’s tragedies. 


 Do you think he speaks the truth? Daniel said.

Who? That crazy guy in the corner?

Of course not, he’s a homeless man what can he know about the future. Anna said as they entered a beauty saloon.


 Once they came out of the saloon the sun had gone down, and all the homeless people where gone. That night Daniel could not close his eyes. The picture of the homeless man predicting the future did not leave his mind for the rest of the night. The next day he woke up and rushed out of his apartment to go look for the man, but he was nowhere to be found. He then saw Alexander, but was too afraid to even go near him. Alexander had been living on the beach since Daniel could remember. He was missing an eye and had a sailor’s beard that would block someone from seeing all his missing teeth. His breath smelled like tequila and fish, not the most pleasant person in that area. He looked fairly strong for someone that lived on the streets. Daniel had seen him many times with the homeless man so he decided to go for it and ask him where he could find the lost prophet. Daniel did not understand a word Alexander said. So Alexander then took his hand and walked him into the sewer.


Daniel started to doubt this was a good idea, walking into a sewer with a drunk had never crossed his mind. Once they walked for a few minutes Daniel saw an underworld community, around a hundred homeless people where living there. Alexander murmured something to the people that where there, but nobody understood a word he said. Daniel then recognized the lost prophet and rushed to him.

 After a brief introduction, Daniel started asking him some questions.

Can you really see the future?

No, and I don’t think anyone is capable of doing that. The homeless man said.

So then how can you predict what’s going to happen?

I have the ability to see the present that is all. If you watch closely you will be able to see it as well.

That’s nonsense. Everybody is capable of seeing the present.

I’m just a homeless man what can I say I’m sorry that I am not what you expected.


Not the average hobo that’s for sure. Daniel thought as he walked towards the exit of the sewer. Alexander started running and screaming after him, but he could not get even near Daniel to give him the cellphone that he had dropped while talking to the prophet. A few weeks went by and Daniel decided to go back to the sewer and get his smartphone back. He walked up to the prophet and asked for it, but it was long gone. The prophet started laughing like a crazy man, but this did not upset Daniel. Once he left the sewer Daniel realized that this man was not ordinary at all, and that maybe he did have the ability to predict the future.


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