a zombie's reflection

I feel the echoes of my heart reverberating throughout my cavernous body. i look to see that i have been shredded apart. i peer into the glossy pool beside me to see my reflection, i gasp, but all i hear is a hollow noise. i raise my hands to touch my ribs, and feel the soft pliableness of my bones.again i gaze into my reflection, and instead of the cheeks once dimpled with glee, are now hollow caves carved into my skull. Forever rotted into a permanent grimace. i look around me with half festered sockets, that were once the color of liquid chocolate, are now colored scarlet with the gnawing hunger, and the rage as i see the wake of destruction before me.. caused by the walking, feasting creatures that are stumbling around me.. looking for a fresh source of sustinence.. i feel repulsed yet attracted at the monsters who are unsatiable in thier appetite.. my soul looks inside of itself and it sees only one thing.. the reflection of a zombie

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was in the most morbid mood when i wrote this.. and watching the walking dead.. so the nature of this should be understandable.. and by the way.. this does not suit all readers

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