My Best Friend

What can I do?
His love, it slowly grew
For me
I cannot face, cannot see,
What I've done,
To this poor boy
Who has given me his heart,
I cannont understand,
This is not what i planned,
It seems, from me he cannot part,
Even though i cannot end
The breaking heart
Of my best friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You know who this is for.. i am unable to control what you feel for me. but i cannot undo what ive done and i am so sorry. im not doing it on purpose, you must understand this. i do care about you, just not in the same way. i dont know what i can do to make the hurt go away.. you say you are fine, but i can see it in your eyes, what ive done to you.. and its probably strange haveing the girl you love telling you your deepest thoughts... but you are my best friend, i dont want to see you hurt... i am so very sorry....

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