Inside My Head

My name
She did say
What next should have come,
As down i lay,
Yet another voice
Did speak
but me it did not bother
yet answers i did seek,
"Just do it,"
He had said,
If there was any wit,
Left in my head
It had gone
In that flash
No ill will had been done
It did thrash,
In my mind
I did wonder,
Why cant i unbind
Myself from under
This spell
That is unspoked, unsaid,
Has put me through hell,
The hell that is
Inside my head

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This happened out of nowhere. i was talking to my best friend when this happened. Yes it was frightening, but i think iI'll be okay. I have been hospitalized before, but for a different reason. it confuses me, why do my psychological problems get worse after i get out of the hospital?

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