Shouldn't a mother
Put her kids before herself?
Instead we feel abandoned,
Not just me, but also my brothers.
If she was still alive,
Would you have turned away,
Back to the monster,
The monster who strives,
Thrives on the misery of
Your children, children who
Try for your attention, your love,
But your love is one true,
He is the monster,
Who plays this game,
With your mind, kills your feelings,
Should fill you shame,
Instead you decide to pass,
Pass your life on by, waste it,
Waste it on the monster,
The monster called

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my mother, who chose drugs over her children, even after the baby dies, the goddess tried to give her a sign, to stop what she was doing, rethink what she was doing. 9years later, she took father. I hope you see what she is trying to tell you. I'm pretty sure you'll be dead by then..

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