Feeding the Beast: Lone Wolf V

Wulfman Adventures

With the Beast's mouth caressing the life machine,

the man blinks his eyes but finds he is alone.

No lover, no master and Mother Luna is concealed.


The man whithers in the coldness of the storm's aftermath.

The Beast bites down, breaking the bruised flesh

and stealing what life remains within the human sense.


All he wanted is washing away in the flash flood of blood

down the Beast's muzzle.  Tears are birthed, causing a lonesome dance.

The human withdraws again, and the wolf pushes back to its feet.


Slow pace, worn thin but too stubborn to cross over.

Lingering within the cross roads is a mental hazard.

The spirit on a tight rope, the wolf continues northward.


Is it home?  Is it vaction?  What is driving the wolf north?

Only the wind changes directions, from west to north-west.

The matted, scarred fur ripples as the wolf limps forth.

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