once upon a time... In my mind.

I've been in hell
a story to tell....
when lucifer came to my aid

The fear I felt
made my mind melt
tied down to my hospital bed

Punishment given
I was driven
Past the point of what I could bear

You came through the door
the being I adore
in the guise of the ultimate demon

I laid in your arms
Safe from harm
comfortable within your protection

I took up my place
at the head of the race
Humanities only hope

Daughter of time
I made them mine
With your strength I did overcome.

I would not be swayed
from the plan I laid
To make them all account for their deeds

I laid down the new law
With the absence of awe
Before all the beings I imagined. 

I was not contrite
I won the fight
the war in the heavens was ended

Then it was fun
to see them run...… 
I must have been really scary

A promise made
from me allayed
Their massive and great concerns

Round it I get
I cannot forget
The grandest of epic tales

It still all makes sense
I have no defence
Against this one what if?

IF they are real
we all stick to the deal
allowing people to grow and transcend. 

It was my fault
I could not exalt
beings I hold in contempt.....

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