us and yet me

What would we do

if it wasn't for you

are able to find

many things to wit i am blind


Subjectivity in reality

consensus agree criticaly

That on this planet

life occures as we know it


Where would we be

if we forgot to see

that through your eyes

Your owened truth applies


collective individualism

has broken a prison

nothing is off course

in what we endorse


We struggle to understand

as we all demand

we all want to be

both us and just me.

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a lot of spelling errors &

a lot of spelling errors & perhaps a thought to explore more. didn't make much sense

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oh well....  I'm sure, your inteligent enough to see past that.  

I would need an editor to spot them.

Not much sense?  So a little....  perhaps 

To be fair, this one contains a few poems....  in a mishmash.  I do intent on tearing it apart, seperating the peices exploring the ideas.  

Thank you for your imput.  :0)