First and formost we are to work together

a limited time shared in mutual

benifit caused infact however

schooling shared to begin our culture

a common reality to catch all

friendships formed again and again

some stay with us and some leave

the best stay through the years


Love is hard and comes in time

work mates friends, family of course

some of us chemisty inclines

to be with the one and make lifes source

whether in law or common ground

a childs cry is the joining sound

becomes necessary as a team

grows together and becomes the mean


The greatest depth is when all

find that their own depiction of faith

is mutual in the spirit of the soul

each believeing the same kinda stuff

a connection of esoteric hopes and desires

that comes from circumstance and life appears

an emotional bond is made of all these

connections are many leveled to tease


The smallest most powerful grouping

those stuck with all the stigma

finds life the hardest of copeing

those belittled and picked upon

must have mention in my song

There the ones we call black shepp

there the ones that do weep

But something you would never know

all you sheep out there have one black toe.


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