Blood stream coursing rushing high

when they are just walking by

feeling waiting with bated breath

wondering if anything'll be said

conditions right to make a move

what's it i have to proove

once their gone a hole appears

as if they've been gone for years


Vulnerable light behind my eyes

i hope they will be letting me try

passed between in meaningfull looks

giggling together in a laibary of books

tingling and raceing thoughts show

on my face is a certain glow

all of a quiver flashing fever

the natural chemistry is a teller


The thinking would be very graphic

if it was not all empathic

all that happens when they are nearing

unconsciouse heat observered as sweating

The sound of my heart increasing

this funniest of gob smacked feeling

Takes me over so unkind

so their love i have to find.



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