Choosing a poet

I'm looking for a poem that speaks volumes to me

Something where communication is key

An abstract trip through anothers minds eye

A truth of self that i can buy.

Homework that i have been given

Has made me wonder and has driven

Me to the edge of distraction

searching for some attraction.

Poetry is such a personal thing

Where one will weep one will sing

Looking for something i find profound

Simply stated in metaphore bound.


Lost in this sea of language

Discernment just can't manage

To pick a voice out of the cacophony 

Cry's in the dark are just too many

I'm looking for something triumphant

Humour prehaps being abundant

I'll probably give up and choose a milligan

Spike always could and certainly can.

Capture my internal struggle

The same illness we have to muddle

Through this life of ups and downs

We both endeavour not to drown.

Even tho he's no longer with us

His legacy of laughter's a bonus.

So maybe my decision is made

And at his door i have laid.

My admiration of a job well done

Despite the trials of whats not so fun

To chuckle is the silver lineing

In the clouds filled with lightning.

So search no more for an idol

shareing our own suicidal

Wish that we could make it stop.

I will keep going untill i drop

To the earth of natural causes

I try to make the best of choices

I do and will dismiss the negativity

Hopeing i'm left clinging to reality.





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