An Explosion

She suddenly explodes and I can feel the heat

of her glowing rage on my body.

I flee from her wrath as darkness reveals itself,

like a prisoner escaping into the night.

Now that night is the day,

shock fades into sorrow,

like the sudden death of a loved one,

and my head spins with burning questions.

How could this happen?

Did I see this coming?

How can this be fixed?

How long will the healing take?

What once was paradise, now lost,

as she unleashed a toxic poison on the surface

and greater perils below the surface,

as the tainted seaweed cried out in despair.

The images of a barren beach where families once played,

now home to seabirds covered in black,

and their wings thrashing upon the sand,

fueling my perception of loneliness and loss.

The door of hope is always open,

However, deception and secrets made me a traitor to all.

My fears and beliefs will

test the reality of a recovery.

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