The Only Justice

I had a dream last night. I bright miniature sun was rigged to go off. I set it there, in some dark corner of the earth.

I sat next to it as it detonated. I could feel my senses tingling. For a moment, there was an intense fear. I was being

burned alive. Then I realized it would be so momentary that I was surprised I was even able to experience it.

I let go and let the mysterious darkness descend. I soon found that I had not died as I was hoping, but that I had been

endowed with eternal life. I cried on Mom's shoulder, devastated that my attempt at suicide had not only failed, but had

produced nearly the opposite of the desired outcome. I wept uncontrollably and was overcome with a sense of panic and

wretchedness that nauseated me. Insanity crept in, and my only hope is that if would remove me from my memory.


I started awake, relieved that I am a mortal being. But I soon realized the meaning of my dream. Life is the eternity I was

condemned to and death was the sweet sleep that brought all justice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in common, nonmystical prose with plebian undertones.

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