Reaching Out

Reaching out, like we do, sometimes it’s hard, getting through

Staying strong, is a key, what you believe, let it be

Hold it tight, not afraid, it’s alright, take a bite

Comfronting those, that seem to fade, let them know, it’s a great day..


Both together, helping hands, make it easy, where I stand

Coming together, keeps us strong, makes it right, this I like

For us all, no matter where, reaching out, if you dare

Take a friend, stranger foe, keep it going, like you know..


Universal love, this I say, all the way, fun and play

All of us, here together, banded tight, hold on forever

With the will, we hold inside, just reach out, let it guide

You and I, us all together, keeping on, together forever..

Dmm  3/4/2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just reach out.. like you can..

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