Your Day

Take your day, to another level, do your best, nothing less
Make it right, like you like, give your all, a new height
Keep it going, like you can, hold it there, just fan
Make your day, the best I say, keep it fun, all the way..


Showing others, how to do, bring some love, follow through
Time to share, show you care, in this life, it’s alright
Day or night, lead the way, be who you are, it’s OK
Take your day, turn it up, all around, make it sound..


Knowing others, like you do, keep it up, break on through
Make it last, more than that, keep it going, let be the past
Keep it simple, smile true, loving life, like you do
It’s your day, live that way, always love, like from above..


dm 3/4/2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's your day, make it your way.. 

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