New Light..


May the new year, bring new light, on heavy hearts, for those that cart..


Let your dreams, come to life, make them big, twice as nice..


Be the one, to follow through, do it right, make a new..


Let your heart, be your guide, what you feel, is alive..




Just reach out, give a shout, keep it positive, that’s no doubt..


Helping yourself, this new year, it’s what you want, make it clear..


Hold that smile, share it to, make that someone, smile too..


Happy heart, makes it right, caring always, a delight..




Let your light shine, all the time, be your best, that’s the kind..


Who you are, sets a tone, for those around you, might be blue..


Go ahead, just look up, and relax, to the max..


A brand new year, think of that, starting over, that's a fact..




Go ahead, things will work out, make no mistake, just shake shake shake..


On the move, find a groove, let it be, set yourself free..


Let the new year, be the one, just keep going, have some fun..


Set your mind, straight today, keep it right, day after day..




Dm  copywrite 2013


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy 2014 to all..

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