Just Like That


Just like that, you’re like a cat

Pulled up tight, just like I like

Your bare back, bare feet too

The way you are, I like to do


On the chair, you right there

I can’t pass, don’t even dare

You seduce me, with your ways

No matter what, when you say


It’s your hair, how it lays

Down your back, the side stays

When I breathe in, it’s you right there

I got to have it, you always share


Then you speak, my mind fades

Deep in you, where I lay

Pulling together, as we sway

Making it, another day


You set that pace, you always do

Taking all of me, until I’m through

Looking at you, every time

It’s your scent, which I fine


You draw me in, like you do

I can’t resist, your passion true

Just like that, you’re like a cat

Feeding off me, that is that..


dm  12/5/2013

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