Happy Holidays All..

A time of year, for love and cheer, giving thanks, we cherish dear

With friends and family, all around, it’s all love, which I found

To have a drink, share a smile, also laughs, over the miles

Every day, I’m thankful to, with friends and love ones, just like you..


Throughout this year, it’s come to past, holiday season, here at last

Look around, all the faces, savor the joy, the different cases

With your love ones, at your side, just have fun, a walk or ride

Being together, in mind or heart, it will be fine, a place to start..


Celebrations, with a meal, coming together, that’s for real

These special times, make memories last, show your love, receive and cast

Make it great, blessings to all, thinking of you, that’s my call

Just being with you, I love to do, thank you friends, let’s see it through..


dm  11/27/2013


Author's Notes/Comments: 

jus feelin it this time of year.. Peace and good will to all..

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