Being With You


Being with you, I love to do
To see you smile, big and true
Dreaming dreams, looking at you
I'm in the clouds, flying the blue

Live love, laugh for me
Is everything, in life you see
Happiness and beyond
Is what I like, in my song

Being with you, holding tight
Makes me want you, it's alright
Feeling you, I always move
All your beauty, I love too

Deep within, feelings spin
Round and round, this I found
Got to have you, all the time
Loving you, I feel fine

Being with you, mind and heart
When you love me, I jump start
Living loving, life for me
Being with you, sets me free

Let's come together, start a new
Fall in love, like we do
Live and love, all the way
In this life, day by day..

dm poem/song 8/12/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Bienvenida, another poem to a song..  Being with you..

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