Love For All..

Love for all
I heard a call 
Far away
On my mind 
in my heart
never goes away


Star light bright
never ending 
Hearts beat fast
always sending
Day by day
time slipping away


Moving on
with a song
Love for all
on the wall


Love for all
How we spin
always beauty
that and then..
Holding dreams
we all do
Let love of all
be with you


As we breathe
live today
Help each other
on the way
Sharing peace
and beyond
All together
we stay strong


Love for all
Live and say
This is life
be your way
Always standing
like you do
Give your all
and stay tall..


Love for all..


Love for all..

dm poem/song 8/1/13

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem Inspired by my friend Bienvenida.. Turned into a song..

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