Look My Way


When I see you look that way, that I love, I want to play
All your beauty touches me, the way you move, what I see
Laughing playing the way you do, you build me up, it's so true
Feelings run high, all over me, I can't help what you do to me


The way you tease, how you play, it's your eyes, I can't behave
Wanting you, to have and hold, touching you, I feel bold
It's your smile, sexy style, I feel silly, kind of wild
When I see you look my way, you know I want you, all the way


Having fun, both as one, we both love, and then some
Being rough, kind of rout y, always up, that's no doubt
Then your'e tender at the end, always happy, with that grin
When I see you look that way, I always know, it's time foreplay


Pushing pulling, I can't stop, holding you tight, like at night
In the day time, it's all fine, you set me up, very kind
A dream come true, your that way, that I like, I must say
Be with me, night and day, lets live and love, every way..


dm 5/30/13

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Look my way, it's OK, don't be afraid, just want to say..

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