My Case

You entered the room, heads were turned
The men looked up, dressed well and groomed
All your beauty, was like sunlight
You looked fantastic, out of sight


As you moved, over the floor
Men were bumping, wanted your joy
As you smiled, boy oh boy
Stunning you looked, I was so hooked


Watching all evening, others were grieving
Lovely divine, you were my kind
Our eyes did meet, it was sweet
I walked to you, all I could do


You fronted me, I was so pleased
We jointed hands, walked at ease
Talking laughing, bonding at once
Closer together, more was a hunch


The evening was flying, you on my mind
Taking you home, was all I could find
You said yes, excited I was
How I wanted you, just because


You said the same, to this love game
All night long, we sang our song
Entwined with each other, loved like no other
Filling our needs, both were so pleased


We smile and laughed, completely exhausted
You were the best, neither a hostage
Both satisfied, nothing left inside
See you later, I said, as she left the bed


Watching her leave, I couldn't believe
She took with her, a piece of me
Something I wanted, that I got
I never heard back, she dropped right off


Now, looking back, her love was the kind
That you wish and dream, was all sunshine
So in my mind, it’s her that I fine
Never replaced, she was my case..


Dm 5/20/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She was my case, all over the place, that and more, all night love poured..


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