White Blue Sky


White blue sky, opened up
mountain top, a line that's drawn
a glance saw, life so grand
process at hand, we demand
Take not for granted, only truth
Only living, expected, prolonged
Self guided, only you know
what's felt, inside
Live on, and on 
as long as you can.


Each light of day, you see
It's a blessing, believe thee
Sounds heard, stop and listen
sunlight always glistens
Dancing, giving, projected time
Life so fine, contentment, kind
Smile, rhyme, songs to sing, divine
Making choices, we do and more
living life, for sure, our core
Reality, with the now


Movements made, until demise
hold it together, completely
Keep plus always, that and more
share goodness, show and forward
Be the simple, lead the way
is it right, make your day
All in body, mind and soul
Advance your feelings, let go
White blue sky, what a wonder
There you are, we all slumber

DM copywrite 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's this link of day, today.. White blue sky, so alive..

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