Month of Love


This month of love, just because
Fill your heart, over flowing
Give it all, just keep going
All the wonder, that we share
Take their hand, show you care

Be the one, lead the way
Make it happen, every day
Take it slow, let them know
Be sincere, let love flow
This we know, we can show

This month of love, is meant to be
Just where ever, let love free
Morning, noon, evening too
Take your time, when you do
Love for all, I was told

The best part, letting go
Holding close, to each other
Hang on tight, love forever
Eye to eye, lips to lips
The taste of love, enjoy sip

No, why wait, don't hesitate
Keep it straight, relate
Love is best, meant to be
Love each other, also feed
Give and receive love, when you can

This month of love, a start, just stand
Give it all, be women or man
Be the sweetheart, cupid see
This is how, it's meant to be
Love always, eternity

DM copywrite 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

February, my favorite month.. not just because my birthday, but what it brings.. Love for all..

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