In a Moment


  In a moment, both together

  What to do, just endeavor

  You will shine, it will be fine

         In just a moment, a part of time


            In a moment, there is so much

      A part of us, we can touch

          From the heart, to the mind

             What’s inside, what we hide


             In a moment, we can give

             What we share, do you dare

             Make it real, maybe thrill

             Just as long, as it’s real


             In a moment, you can see

             The way it is, meant to be

             Is it right, what you feel

             Reach in deep, release spill


             In a moment, all it takes

             To complete, there's no waste

             What makes life, happiness

             Takes a moment, nothing less


             DM copywrite 2013


Author's Notes/Comments: 

what is ment to be , only takes a moment.. believe..

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