Bienvenida, what a sweet sound
always lovely, this I found
Say it slow, syllables flow
all five of them, in a row

When I hear, that word for me
It’s the moon and stars I see
Shinning bright, every night
She’s everything, divine delight

Soft and funny, plays around
Keeps her promise, that I found
Lovely smile, I must say
She is loved, every way

Come each Sunday, it's her fun day
Church for sure, God bless her
Gets together, with best of friends
Laughing playing, never ends

Queen of the King, you know what I mean
Always a feast, out come the beast
She does it all, never falls
always beautiful, that's the call

When she dances, her hips keep the beat
She knows how to shake it, down to her feet
Arms just swaying, that's what I'm saying
Her hair always flowing, her smile is glowing

She has a cool, never a fool
she just makes, all men drool
A lovely lady, that is right
always helping, day and night

A shining star, there a far
like a light, out of site
Loving always, caring to
Bienvenida, love is you 

DM copywrite 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A special lady in my life, a lovely friend, day and night. Love for her will always be, in my heart and core, I see.. A beautiful angel to me..

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