What Is Right

From my thoughts, I cast away
What is right, true today
In a world, confused decisions
What goes on, is incisions

Moving forward, we must do
All together, like we do
Doing right, is this wrong
With our words, it keeps us strong

In the wind, what ever season
Always a place, time or reason
Pull as one, it will be done
As meant to be, keeps us free

Looking at all the faces, in our world
Time and places, holding on
To what we have, coming together
Makes me glad, sharing the truth

That and more, makes me smile
Heart and core, Banded tight
Loving life, all the same
Following light, makes all right

DM copywrite 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A new year, lets celebrate and relate, forget the past, move on at last..

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