A Bad Memory

Clouds and grey skies, have set in
On my mind, you again
You’re a blackness, I want to hide
Like a nightmare, that I find

In my stomach, a knot I feel
The sight of you, I need a pill
What you did, such a shame
In this life, with your game

What you said, I’ll never forget
It’s all shit, you are it
How I tried, did it all
You did nothing, had a ball

What goes around, comes around
I’ll pay now, I always do
Your turn will come, I’ll pray for you
Just forget it, all our days

You did nothing, it was that way
Did my best, noting less
You sat back, took a rest
Now you’re bossy, just get lost

You are nothing, not my boss
I’m not like this, you make me this way
I hate to hate, with you I state
A bad memory, I don’t need

Please, OH Lord, set me free..

DM copywrite 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sad but true, what I got into..

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