Twelve, Twelve, Twelve

12-12-12, this is swell
This day and date, we can tell
Is it good, I hope for you
A special time, to smile through

December, twelve, two thousand twelve
Get on up, ring a bell
For some it’s tough, others not
Here’s a date, we won’t stop

Here this date, let’s celebrate
Let’s remember, and escalate
To the top, and why not
12/12/12, this day’s the boss

You and I, won’t see it see
Again in our life time, don’t you agree
It’s just cool, all the twelve’s
Here this date, well oh well

This time now, in our life
On this day, do it right
To remember, say OK
These three twelves’ came around today

In your life time, put this down
Make it a great day, make it sound
Won’t it be wonderful, to kick back and say
Twelve, Twelve, Twelve, was a great day

DM copy write 12/12/2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

what a great day.. I did it my way.. I got to say..

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